HELP! We need your help with a feature that will appear in NPQ’s upcoming summer edition of the magazine.

We are looking for your best cost-saving measures. Maybe you have made a great use of volunteers that has saved you money, or maybe you have bartered something or outsourced something or sold something that entailed fixed costs. Maybe you have used technology in a way that has saved you big bucks, or maybe you are cost sharing something with another organization. No matter what it is, we want to hear about it.

Please tell us:

  • What change you made to reduce costs.
  • How you did it (any barriers?).
  • How much it saved you.
  • Whether it had any unanticipated downsides or upsides.

If your idea is chosen, we will feature it on a large spread and give you acknowledgment as a contributor. But please get back to us right away; we are, as always, on a close deadline.

P.S.: Please distribute this to friends and coworkers—we are looking for a wide range of ideas!