If you have five minutes of stillness this morning, take a moment to watch this video from the Human Rights Channel on YouTube. The Witness blog has collected and curated what they consider to be the most moving, most important pieces of citizen journalist video from 2013 and assembled them into the following compilation:

(Readers should take caution that there are scenes of violence and injury contained within.)

Among the images present are scenes from a demonstration in Gezi Park in Turkey, people being assaulted with firehoses in Cambodia, a woman recorded in Saudi Arabia engaged in the subversive act of driving a car, a person of indeterminate gender in Russia being threatened with a “cure” for their homosexuality, a man hoping for safe and free elections in Kenya, and many incidents and protests from countries in the Middle East like Egypt, Iran, and Syria.

The video concludes with a recorded statement from Razan Zaitouneh, a Syrian human rights lawyer and activist who was abducted in December. She exhorts us to remember “the awesome people—women and men—who are working silently on the ground to achieve their dream of freedom and justice.”—Jason Schneiderman