August 1, 2011; Source: New York Post  |  One brick building in Brooklyn is the registered home to 196 nonprofits – some of which are connected to “rogue rabbis jailed for money laundering and child molestation.”

Rose Meisner, who has lived in the home for a decade with her husband, says the problem has been plaguing her for years, as investigators continuously come knocking about one or another of the groups. One of the most recent such incidents was the 2009 arrest of Rabbis Mordechai Fish and Saul Kassin for their involvement in a massive money laundering operation in New Jersey.

The address was also the registered home of the Congregation Otzar Hachaim in 1996 – a nonprofit associated with Rabbi Baruch Lebovits, who was convicted of child molestation in 2010.

Apparently, it may be that the problem can be traced to one man: tax lawyer and one-time owner of the building Joseph Schubin, who submitted at least a dozen of the registration applications, most of which were for Jewish organizations. These nonprofits were not required to file with the IRS each year because they are considered houses of worship. 

Schubin claims the problem is not his fault. “For some crazy reason, the IRS puts down the address of the lawyer who does the work on the registration and not the official address of the group,” he said. “The government does what the government does. It has the real address in another database.”

But this report says a search of records has turned up no alternate addresses. Schubin says he has set up around 100 nonprofits. We are interested in the story behind the story on this one.–Ruth McCambridge