September 22, 2011; Source: 7 News Sydney | Public art is sometimes meant to startle people out of their usual mind sets, but some in Sydney, Australia are objecting vociferously to a piece painted by American “street artist” Barry McGee. They are charging the funder, the Sydney City Council, with vandalism. A video clip from Sydney’s 7 News explains the situation in more detail.

Defending the work is Gail Minervini, Director of Art and About. “I think it’s subjective, art is very subjective,” she says. “If we all thought the same thing it would be a very boring world.”

McGee has shown this installation at MOMA SF and he is one of my favorite current artists. But maybe he should have stuck to painting the wall he was commissioned to work on. I have to editorialize though that I like(d) it! It was due to be destroyed the Sunday after it was painted.—Ruth McCambridge