Curating Change: The Merger of Two Historic Women’s Organizations

This case study looks at the factors that led up to the International Museum of Women’s (IMOW) decision to merge with the Global Fund for Women (GFW) in March of 2014. If IMOW was so successful in achieving its mission and advancing global gender equity, what events led to its decision to merge?
This mini–case study is part five of a series of studies featured in NPQ’s winter 2014 edition, “Births and Deaths in the Nonprofit Sector.” Click here to read part one, part two, part three and part four.

Ten ways to kill

10 Ways to Kill Your Nonprofit

This article presents the authors’ top picks for how best to destroy your organization. Of course, if you want your nonprofit to thrive, you should avoid the pitfalls described in these pages. But, the authors warn, this won’t be easy to do, as, “Killing a nonprofit takes less effort than making one really effective.”

Should Your Nonprofit Build an Endowment?

Most nonprofits dream, at some point, about that endowment that would ensure their stability from year to year. But endowments aren’t for every nonprofit. This article walks the reader through their up and downsides.

Is Grant Proposal Writing a Fundraising Expense?

Author Mark A. Hager presents a detailed examination of how U.S. nonprofits are reporting–and often underreporting–grant proposal writing expenses, arguing that a more accurate accounting would benefit both individual organizations and the sector as a whole.