Toward a Theory of Sector Selection

More and more, nonprofits are behaving like businesses and businesses are upholding—or at least claiming to uphold—social values. So how does today’s social entrepreneur decide on which organizational form to take? This article offers a framework built on foundation theory and early conceptual models to help the entrepreneur make an informed decision.

What Drives Nonprofit Executive Compensation?

Ever since the professionalization of the nonprofit sector that took place thirty years ago, nonprofit executive salary has been influenced by business compensation concepts—but for-profit pay practices cannot be indiscriminately applied to nonprofits. So what really powers executive pay in the sector? As it turns out, size does matter.

Why Programs Get Replicated

The authors look at the institutional pressures that cause programs to be replicated without any evidence that they work better than other programs in the same field.

The Numbers Game: How Important Is It?

In a frank and clearheaded introduction to this issue, the authors explore the economic challenges that lie ahead and offer guidance for negotiating the various conundrums of nonprofit financial structures.

Going Beyond Efficiency

Should we question the wisdom of evaluating program effectiveness on the basis of cost-savings, rather than program quality and responsiveness to need?