September 18, 2013; The Hill


Former Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX) aide Brent Budowsky describes the Republican strategy to enact massive cuts in food stamps as the embodiment of “cruel and barbaric attacks against the poor.” It’s not clear who the role model is for Republicans looking to eviscerate food stamps, but Budowsky suggests that they consider emulating Pope Francis. Budowsky writes,

“Francis brings a powerful passion for the poor to the center of his papacy. He rejects the worldly trappings of office. He brings his message of humbleness for the ‘haves’ and hope for the ‘have-nots’ to the far corners of the world…Francis in his passion for the poor strongly criticizes ‘the cult of money,’ condemns income disparity, compares low wage labor to a form of slavery and calls for greater compassion and support for the needy.”

It is a nice thought, but it is hard to find Republicans who criticize the cult of money, condemn income inequality, and attack low wages. Witness this week’s coverage here at NPQ about the Walmart living wage controversy and the