October 17, 2012; Source: Adweek

There’s a new publication on the philanthropy beat. Billionaire magazine, and its corresponding website, reportedly dedicates approximately one-third of its content focus to philanthropy, and the publication recently pledged to donate $1 million—or, as its desired readership would call it, “chump change”—to charity.

CEO and editor in chief Christian Barker tells Adweek, “Over the last three or four years, high-level executives from luxury brands have repeated to me over and over that [philanthropy] was becoming more important to them and to their customers.” That explains why Billionaire is putting such a focus on stories about charity in addition to other articles focusing on such matters as “the pitfalls of inherited wealth.”

Yes, that’s really the subject of an article. This inspired a few more article ideas/headlines that we thought we’d pitch Billionaire’s way, free of charge:

Turbulence Subsiding in Jet Resale Market

Is Your Private Island Eco-Friendly?

Best Pneumonic Devices for Remembering Peasants’ Names

Philanthropist Apologizes for Calling Death Tax the “Estate Tax”

Looking Like a Million Bucks: Tales of Fashion Disasters

Sure, we’re joking, but c’mon…Billionaire magazine? Really? –Mike Keefe-Feldman