July 24, 2011; Source: ctpost.com | The Hospice Care Foundation has, over the past four years, spent an average of 3% of its budget on building a hospice care home in Missoula, Mont. – the rest has gone to administration and fundraising. This has led a few board members to resign. Edward Guay, who resigned on June 28th, wrote "I would like to remind all that a nonprofit has to be geared toward raising funds and helping others, not merely holding an annual ball and draining old donations to fund operations."

The organization, which is functioning on a budget of less than $80,000 has a “corpus” of $921,139 evidently built up as a result of an annual fundraising ball which it has been sponsoring for three decades. It is out of this that the new board chair says they will make grants of $35,000 this year. This is an organization that looks like it stalled out years ago and needs a jump start to get back on track. –-Ruth McCambridge