My delicate flower of a daughter is jamming and blocking on a new Roller Derby Team. The team is called Boston Massacre. The team name makes its intention quite clear (although the Providence Riveters took them down in their debut bout last week). My daughter’s moniker is “Cookie Push”. Some of her team mates — “Slamella Anderson” and “Raquel Squelch”. I love these names. They are evocative and vivid. They mean what they are meant to mean to the listener. The names, in other words, constitute a promise of sorts.

As the link to our featured article, “Your Promise is Your Brand: How to Work It” by Carlo Cuesta and Padraic Lillis asserts, being serious and clear about the promise you are making to stakeholders is critical in establishing a solid brand identity.

You want people to understand who you really mean to be to them — what they can count on you for — and then of course you must hold yourself responsible for fulfilling that promise or you just become inconsequential or an outright scandal.

This is only one article from our upcoming issue on nonprofits and communications, which includes articles on social marketing, building a communications plan, working with the media, and much more.

Meanwhile I wonder what it means that all this cultural stuff cycles around from generation to generation. I have to admit to getting comfort from the return engagements of stuff I first saw in my young childhood and, that my daring darling daughter turns up in its midst is just that little extra “je ne sais quoi.”