The following is a transcript of the video above, from our virtual magazine roundtable “Owning Our Economy, Owning Our Future.”

Minsun Ji: The issue is: how are we going to bring about a larger social movement, right? I think this issue of the magazine touched on the issue of owning labor from many different perspectives. But I’d like to see more of dialogues from different sectors of the economy. I’d like to see how labor unions are looking at economic justice and how they will actually relate to the “owning labor” movement, or the co-op movement, to how local communities are building their social movement. And it doesn’t have to be just economic justice. It could be environmental justice, it could be about mutualism, it could be anything else. But I think a much broader theme will give us … a better understanding.

We don’t actually work in silos. I’m always approaching labor unions to talk about what I’m trying to do, building the co-op movement, and they look at me, like, what are you talking about? I really see that the separations between two categories of work, one in co-ops and the other in labor union movement. I think, somehow there should be some sort of the point where a lot of different groups can write about what it means for them to achieve economic justice, and under what way, and what strategies can be combined, and also be accepted, so that we can actually have a little better understanding about each other, instead of us cutting people out from this moment.