Oregon’s newest welcome sign” by the Oregon Dep’t of Transportation.

March 29, 2017; Oregon Business

Every year, the Nonprofit Association of Oregon partners on a survey to identify the 100 best nonprofits to work for in Oregon. This year, the questions will change to emphasize equity and inclusion.

Kim Moore of Oregon Business writes, “In the nonprofit sector, and also to a lesser extent in the private sector, the conversation has shifted from how to provide equal opportunities in the workplace to how to create an equitable workforce.”

She credits local philanthropy with leading the way, saying that some, including the Meyer Memorial Trust, are taking equity and inclusion into consideration in their grantmaking. And, she writes, “establishing equity in the workplace cuts across all areas, including work environment, management and communications, and benefits and compensation.” One of the climate factors that will be looked at, according to this report, is inclusiveness of decision-making and voice.

Moore says that Oregon Business and the Nonprofit Association hope through this effort to spark inclusive conversations inside nonprofits.—Ruth McCambridge