Mark Zuckerberg” by Alessio Jacona

August 18, 2017; CNBC

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s social initiative, only a bit more than a year and a half old, already has 160 on staff with positions open for 38 more, according to CNBC. The LLC that has been described by Zuckerberg as being aimed at advancing human potential now has 100 engineers on staff, up from three a year ago.

Zuckerberg is reported to have sold at least $25.5 million worth of Facebook shares this week, on top of $32.5 million sold last week, as investments into the endeavor, which is scheduled to receive $1 billion a year from the couple who intend “to help cure, manage or prevent all disease by the year 2100.”

In fact, this week on Reddit, a group of Chan Zuckerberg scientists said they’re working on the Human Cell Atlas project which is intended to map all 30 trillion cells in the human body. This is not unlike the work of the human genome project.

Because the group is an LLC, it enjoys no tax benefits, but it also has much more privacy—all of which is terrifying or promising, depending on how much you want to trust the baby-faced, engineering-minded, ambitious billionaire to anticipate what is in your best interests.—Ruth McCambridge