June 1, 2011; Source: The Daily Gazette | A few weeks ago the Newswire reported about a Y that was saved by its community. Now, here is another story about a beloved community organization saved by volunteers and community givers after its state funding amounting to $350,000 was eliminated four years ago.

Started in 2003, the Schenectady Free Health Clinic had a big volunteer force, including 25 doctors and 30 nurses and, as is so often the case when people are already giving of their time, the community stepped up with enough donations to secure the $550,000 yearly operating budgets of the clinic. About 60 percent of that annual budget goes to pay for medications. This news story is about a donation of $50,000 towards that prescription fund.

Volunteers – engaged community – are like gold to nonprofits. Tell us your inspiring stories on true engagement in your community and don’t forget to read the tactics for online engagement at the top of this newswire.—Ruth McCambridge