Darnell Adams: So, one is, my article is long. I didn’t expect it to be that long, you know? I was writing about a thing, and then it was connected to the next thing, which was connected to the next thing. So, I, too, am unclear who’s sitting down and reading the whole thing. And my sense is, so for people who are in my close network who have read it, because they probably were like, well, we love Darnell, we should read it. They’ve said they needed to read it about three times. Because there’s so much in it. It’s complicated, with a lot of different ideas, some of which people are not familiar with. Because I am speaking about the cooperative model, they may not know about that. But then I’m also speaking about lots of different things: history and trauma, and it goes in lots of different directions. It’s complex. So, I’m not sure who’s going to sit down and take the time.

So, I don’t know if—when I think about the field, I’m not sure who the field is. Who’s gonna sit and really read it, and then have it speak to them whatever way it is, and then reach out. It might be a kind of a slow burn, perhaps, that over time, as people work their way through the material or it comes to them, that then I might share more. I’m unclear.

But what I do know is, I was at a conference last week. And there was a hotel bar, and I sat down next to a guy—turns out he was at a law school, like, policy [or] law center. But it was a cooperative conference, and we were talking about something or another and I said, yeah, I actually have some ideas about the thing that you’re talking about in terms of funding and what funders could be looking for, particularly if they’re interested in supporting this work. I wrote a little something about it. You might want to have a cocktail or two, it’s gonna take a while for you to read, but I can send it to you. And so, he’s like, yeah, alright, fine. So, he gets onto his phone, and I see it, whatever window he has up is the cover of this magazine. And I’m like, “Oh, no, what’s that?” He was like, ”Someone sent this to me.” And he’s like, ”Oh, this article is by someone named Darnell Adams.” And I was like, “Well, I know her.” So, he’s like, ”Oh, yeah, this is being sent around right now at the law center.”

And I’m like, who knew? I wouldn’t think that’s the field. So, I guess it is.