February 3, 2011; Source: CNN Belief Blog | A reader of the Cohen Report article on Senator Charles Grassley's investigation of six televangelists' misuse of tax exempt contributions tipped us off to the latest news about Bishop Eddie Long, senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Church in suburban Atlanta.

Already fighting four young men's charges of sexual coercion and doing his best at damage control in the wake of Grassley's revelations, Bishop Long is now battling Ephren Taylor of the City Capital Corporation, who apparently led a "wonderful" church-sponsored financial seminar and got church members to invest $1 million through the corporation.

Although Long preaches the Gospel of Prosperity, prosperity isn't what happened to the City Capital investments. Instead, they went “sour,” Long said. Long wants Taylor to show compassion to the church members and return them their money. Long addressed Taylor in a YouTube video, saying, "You're a great fellow. You're a great man. You do great things. Let's settle this so these families can move on."

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