I will not have my life narrowed down! A protest sign against Sam Durant’s ‘Scaffold’ sculpture on the perimeter fence at the Walker Art Center,” Lorie Shaull

August 12, 2020; Star Tribune

Since 1933, Ramsey County and St. Paul City Hall chambers have hosted four murals depicting oversized white men standing above smaller images of laborers and Native Americans—murals widely seen as reflecting a racist, white supremacist worldview. That changes next week, when the murals will be covered by four new artworks chosen by a citizen task force in tandem with the Ramsey County Historical Society.

While the new artworks represent a diverse group of artists, including a northern Minnesota artist with Anishinaabe heritage, the Dakota, on whose land St. Paul sits, were not consulted.

Oyate Hotanin, or Voice of the People, is a 501c3 nonprofit collective of indigenous artists based in Mni Sota Makoce, the Dakota homeland, which inclu