April 6, 2015; Christian Science Monitor

In March of 2015, NPQ reported on the creation of D.C. Central Kitchen’s “Healthy Corners,” convenience stores in Washington, D.C., that are well equipped to sell produce. The 67 stores in the D.C. area sold more than 140,000 pieces of produce within 10 months, and according to the Christian Science Monitor, “D.C. Central Kitchen estimates Healthy Corners generated $79,826 in revenue for participating stores that year.”

D.C. Central Kitchen was also willing to help other cities begin similar programs, so in February, they released a manual to help nonprofits in other areas replicate the program. The guidebook, “Turning the Corner: the Inside Guide to Fighting Food Deserts,” is free and can be requested by contacting the D.C. Central Kitchen director of nutrition and community outreach, Janell Walker.

The guidebook covers “staffing requirements and budgets, offers marketing suggestions, and outlines every step, including building partnerships with store owners and providing them with refrigeration units.”

More information can be found at the D.C. Central Kitchen website.—Erin Lamb