Source: Community Legal Resources | The Detroit-based nonprofit Community Legal Resources has produced an interactive map of foreclosed homes in Wayne County that are due to come up for auction in an effort to help neighborhoods exert some influence in those sales. CLR has published a statement that lays out why they produced the map:

Residents and local non-profit organizations can play a vital role in preventing auction properties from becoming negative influences on a neighborhood’s quality of life. To do this, residents and local organizations might consider taking the following actions (1) be aware of which properties are up for auction, and (2) play an active role in monitoring the status and ownership of the property throughout both auctions.

There seems to be more than one local effort to protect communities emerging. Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz says that starting this year the county will be allowed to take back any property that is not maintained after being purchased at auction. “The Treasurer’s Office will require purchasers to keep taxes current on the property as well as demolish, secure or maintain the property as required,” he said in a statement. “If a purchaser fails to do so, the local community will have the right to take back that property with a 30-day notice. This is an aggressive measure, as our goal is to eliminate blight and abandonment in our communities.”—Ruth McCambridge