March 23, 2011; Source: Wall Street Journal | The Clean Air Network has hung an unusual exhibition at the IFC Center in New York City this week. The show focuses on pollution in Hong Kong and is a collection of works of contributing artists from China, Hong Kong and elsewhere. The pieces in the show are world class as can be seen in this slideshow. The show will travel after April 1 to a convention center in Hong Kong where they will be auctioned off (by Sotheby’s no less!) to raise money for the environmental group.

Joanne Ooi, who is the CEO of Clean Air Network says, “Art is a popular and approachable means of reaching a broader swath of the public.” She says she personally recruited each artist, discussing with each the problems the Network was addressing.

This Wall Street Journal article linked to above also points to another project which is melding art and environmental advocacy. This one is called Cape Farewell and is based in the UK. Both projects have been founded by people with backgrounds in the arts and are an interesting approach to the role of culture in changing people’s perceptions about important social issues. – Ruth McCambridge