Ruth McCambridge

NPQ just completed its editorial advisory committee meeting. Nineteen people flew from all over the country to meet with us for two days about what our editorial agenda should be for the coming year. Their names were mostly drawn from respondents to our annual survey and they represented a whole range of disciplines and experience.

We are who we are because of you. This is the mantra that we use at NPQ to remind us that our relevance, our quality, and impact depends completely upon our readers.

As is always true, the meeting with our editorial advisory committee was an energy boost, not because there were no criticisms – there were – but because the people in the room trusted us with their feedback (positive and negative) and their ideas. They trusted us enough to invest time and treasure to come to Boston to be with us. That is (as my people would say) a mitzvah – a blessing.

In fact, we feel that we received an editorial challenge that is flattering in its vision and intensity. We will share the advice our advisory committee gave us within the week but I want to take the opportunity also to remind our readers, as I was again reminded, that the quality and value of outcomes often deeply depends upon the quality and value you place on engagement with the community you are serving. Developing program plans and approaches without the advice and counsel and energy of the community you serve leaves you poorer in intelligence and power.

So I want to thank the editorial advisory committee members who are listed here below and if you know any of them, please thank them yourself.

Jeanne Bell                    Lisa Maruyama

Robyn Blackwell            Robert Ottenhoff

Kebo Drew                      Karen Parsons

Anne Eigeman               Lonnie Powers

Kevin Gilnack                 Jon Pratt

Michael Jackson            Dolores Roybal

Kathi Jaworski                 Paco Wertin

Valerie Jones                 Tammy Zonker

Nancy Knoche

Meanwhile keep in touch with me with your feedback, contributions, and suggestions.

We are who we are because of you.