Many of you do not yet subscribe to our print journal, The Nonprofit Quarterly.


We want to change that this week.


By October 23 we need 500 new subscribers, and for that to occur, one of them must be YOU!



10 Reasons to Subscribe to Nonprofit Quarterly in Print:

  • The Nonprofit Quarterly is your source of continuing education about nonprofit management at $49 a year. (By the way, even if you pay $50,000 a year to a university program, you will be reading Nonprofit Quarterly articles, because that is how world-class they are.)
  • The first 100 subscribers will get $5 off. If we get 200 subscribers by Tuesday, October 16, we’ll give everyone a $10 discount on their order. If we get 500 subscribers by October 23, we will give everyone a $15 discount. (All discounts will be added to orders once the campaign has finished.)
  • Nonprofit Quarterly articles are a perfect complement to NPQ online—it’s outrageously useful, provocative, and grounded in practice. It’s like milk and cookies for the brain. You come away with energy and wit.
  • We will give you a present: A free Halloween “starter kit” of 13 classic NPQ articles chosen by our editor-in-chief, who may be creepy but she knows which articles will keep you up at night!
  • Subscribers support the development of serious articles about nonprofit management and governance. (The Nonprofit Quarterly has often been called the Harvard Business Review of the nonprofit sector.)
  • Nonprofit Quarterly print articles provide NPQ online with, we might say, intestinal strength—the journal articles are part of the digestive system of NPQ online. While the print articles require a longer development timeline than many of our online articles, that process ensures that a constant stream of world-class articles on nonprofit management and governance are available to anyone in the sector who needs them—free of charge. You are thus adding to the sector’s deep intelligence when you support the print publication with a subscription.
  • When you receive the print Nonprofit Quarterly, you will be shocked by its artistic gorgeousness. (Our production manager and designer approach every issue like it’s their last—which it may very well be, if you do not subscribe—and our managing editor used to work for MoMA publications. The God’s honest truth. This matters.)
  • After reading the Nonprofit Quarterly regularly for a year, you will be known among colleagues as very wise.
  • If you give your board a subscription to the Nonprofit Quarterly, you will come to know that your board is very wise—but your board members will think that they have a lot to learn.
  • If you give colleagues a holiday subscription to the Nonprofit Quarterly, colleagues will think that you need to be paid back through a thoughtful act, such as mentioning you obsessively (in a good way) to local philanthropy.
  • You can ask us anytime for guidance on any management question. If we have an article that will help, we will find it for you. We are your librarians!



NPQ will run a different subscription special every day until October 23.

You can even suggest one, and we might try it out!