November 9, 2010; Source: Saint Petersblog | In this economy, many people wished they had just one job. So consider the case of Jim Norman, a full-time Commissioner for Hillsborough County, Florida, for 18 years. Few knew, until the news broke over the summer, that Norman was also working full-time for the Salvation Army, and had been in their employment for 31 years.

Norman earned $92,000 as commissioner and $95,000 from the charity, the latter working in “fundraising, development, and being a liaison to local and state government.” He retired from the Army after being elected state senator, but will receive an undisclosed retirement package.

The Salvation Army refuses to divulge what Norman actually did while working for them. A spokesman “refused to release any records showing specifically what Norman does or when he works, saying such records of the non-profit are protected by federal law.”

Perhaps their reticence is because, according to press reports, Norman was acting as a lobbyist for the Salvation Army, without being registered as such. Whatever he was doing, he was well compensated, and many people would have been grateful to have just one of his jobs.—Timothy Lyster