July 13, 2011; Source: Forbes | The Associated Press reports that Access for All, a Malibu nonprofit that protects public access to the beach, “sold” Lissette Ackerberg, a resident of “millionaire’s row”  her privacy for $250,000 by agreeing to seek another point of access to Carbon Beach. The issue came to light after Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant backed the state last week in its effort to open the original pathway past Ackerberg’s home.

California’s Coastal Act of 1976 ensures beach access to the hoi palloi but that does not stop the rich from waging long battles to block that access. The Coastal Commission had contracted with Access for All to manage this particular site.

The Coastal Commission’s executive director is not happy with the situation and is attempting to regain control of pathways it had turned over to Access for All.

“They basically tried to create a deal that they didn’t have the authority to create,” said Joan Cardellino, the conservancy’s south coast regional manager. “Our position is, hey you hold a public access easement and you’re responsibility is to open it.”—Ruth McCambridge