In this webinar, Hilda Polanco will lead a guided tour through the land of nonprofit dashboards. She will use real-life examples of the way these tailored tools are designed to portray key indicators and help in the creation of common language around goals, an integrated strategy, and course correction.

Dashboards are used by increasing numbers of nonprofits to track selected metrics deemed important to a particular organization. These metrics can include not only those related to financial goals but also those related to programmatic goals. In many cases, they help organizations judge whether a particular theory of practice or business strategy works and whether success in both areas aligns.

In this workshop, we will show dashboards related to different types of organizations, explaining why particular metrics are chosen, why they are displayed in a particular way graphically, and how they were constructed.

Among the things to be addressed

  • What makes an effective nonprofit dashboard and how can you leverage it as a powerful performance management tool?
  • How can a dashboard help you understand your organization’s business model?
  • From selecting metrics to visualizing the data, what are the components to building an effective dashboard?