What are the stories that we need to tell to better understand our economy, and lay the groundwork for building a more inclusive, democratic world? Storytelling—the construction of spoken or written accounts of a series of events that we tell each other to understand our world—offers critical tools to build movements, upend myths that hold us back, and construct cultures that can sustain a democratic economy.

This webinar conversation, co-moderated by NPQ and the BLIS Collective, takes a deep look at how to use storytelling to advance transformative change. Participating in the conversation are the following people:

Among the many topics the webinar explores are the following:

  • What are the narrative roadblocks to building a more liberatory economy?
  • What myths are holding back racial and economic justice work?
  • What are new stories that need to be told?
  • How can one engage in narrative change work for the long haul?
  • What is the infrastructure that can advance narrative change work?
  • What are the connections between narrative work, policy, and culture?
  • How can people advance new stories about the economy in their own work?




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