August 16, 2011; Source: New York Daily News | Located in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, CIS Counseling was a halfway house for substance abusers. In June, managers told the state that they would be closing the residence as soon as possible, and they promised a closure plan.

But according to the Daily News, no one ever notified the residents—who were surprised last Friday to be confronted by the NYPD at the residence and told to leave without notice. And those were the lucky ones, the ones who happened to be at home at the time and had the chance to grab their stuff. Others apparently just came back to find the facility locked with their belongings inside. “I feel cheated,” one resident told the Daily News. “I was paying the rent since I’ve been at the house. What were they doing with the money?”

I don’t have the words . . . —Ruth McCambridge