July 12, 2011; Source: Bloomberg Businessweek | Citing the high unemployment rate for people in their late teens and twenties, Our Time, a new nonprofit that appears to be mixing social enterprise with advocacy aims to bring young entrepreneurs together with policy makers to focus on the full role of young people in the future of the economy.

US Unemployment by Age

But to fund that work it is urging young people to buy from companies started by other young people. Our Time sponsors the Buy Young website, where its 300,000 members can get deals on such stuff as earth-friendly party goods, weird fur hats, and customized chocolate. It takes a cut on the proceeds which is what it hopes will fund its advocacy agenda.

Says Segal, “I view inexperience as a key driver of ingenuity and creativity.” Whatever went into it, we recommend a visit to the site. It’s pretty cool.—Ruth McCambridge