The Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) is thrilled to announce today that Jeanne Bell, formerly the celebrated CEO of the Bay Area’s CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, will be joining NPQ as Director of Practice Advancement, a new program area that will provide organized learning environments for civil sector leaders and managers.

Jeanne has long been one of this country’s most respected, grounded, and progressive capacity-building experts, with a long track record of matching the highest quality management and leadership practice to mission and purpose. Her areas of expertise span a wide range of topics, from fundraising and financial management to leadership development, the management of collaborative structures, and governance. In all these areas she is known for her practical but visionary “next-step” approach that combines research and practice-based knowledge.

Ruth McCambridge, NPQ’s editor in chief, says, “Jeanne is one of this country’s most well-respected experts on nonprofit management and governance. We have always looked to her for advice because she is dedicated to the same principles of social justice that are central to NPQ’s work. We could have chosen no one more perfect for this important new role.”

NPQ and CompassPoint have had a long history of collaborative work, and Jeanne has not only been one of NPQ’s most celebrated contributors, but also a board member. We are pleased to welcome her aboard.