June 30, 2015; AL.com

Was it simply coincidence that mere days after the shootings of nine people in the Emanuel AME Church, Alabamans reportedly found themselves treated to KKK flyers – with pieces of candy attached – dropped off in their driveways? Apparently the Klan is hoping that this may be an organizing moment.

Many residents in Lake View, Bessemer and Tuscaloosa reported the flyers they found on June 27 called for violence against gay people. “It is very offensive,” Bessemer Deputy Police Chief Mike Roper told AL.com, of the flyers. “You got law abiding people having to wake up on a Sunday morning to a mess like this. It is kind of upsetting. In this day and time, it is kind of upsetting.”

Other distributions were reported to have been made in Georgia, Mississippi, Kansas and California.

“We’re doing this from the East Coast to the West Coast, just to let people know the Klan’s in their community,” Robert Jones, the group’s grand dragon said. “Especially with all the stuff that’s in the news— The Daily Beast reports that Jones told The Daily Beast that he supports Roof’s crime, but he would rather that he had “shot the correct people,” such as minority drug dealers instead of people attending a prayer group. “It’s a racial war against our people,” Jones said. “The more the media pushes multiculturalism down our throat, the more you’re going to see killings like this.” in South Carolina they’re wanting to take the Confederate flag down.”—Ruth McCambridge