June 28, 2011; Source: Democrat Herald | Dial-A-Bus, a Corvallis, Ore., service that provides seniors and disabled individuals curb-to-curb transportation is hoping someone rides to its rescue soon. Otherwise, the message to would-be riders of its service will be "keep on dialing."  Due to federal and state funding cuts, the service is increasing fees for a one-way ticket by 50 cents to $2 later this week.  In addition, Monday through Saturday bus service will cease two hours earlier at 7 p.m. According to the Democrat Herald, some 1,000 people use the bus service.  People unable to drive or without other transportation can call for pickups at pre-arranged times. The newspaper reports that 90 percent of the Dial-A-Bus staff are volunteers, but it still needs cash to fuel its operations.—Bruce S. Trachtenberg