Michael Barera / CC BY-SA

March 18, 2020; Lit Hub

Little Free Library is a nonprofit that builds community around reading and creativity. Volunteer stewards set up book-sharing boxes in their neighborhoods increasing access to books for neighbors who can borrow from and contribute to the boxes.

But as some Little Free Library volunteer stewards know, the needs of our communities can change quickly, and their thoughts have turned from feeding minds to filling bellies.

There are several reports from across the country of Little Free Libraries being converted to Little Free Pantries where neighbors can take what nonperishable food items they need and donate what they have to spare.

Meanwhile, the Little Free Pantry initiative has also been reporting pop-up mini pantries as neighbors look to support neighbors. Their online map shows free pantries across the United States.

Not only is this a great example of volunteers responding to COVID-19 in a positive way, but it’s also a great reminder of everyone lending a hand in times of crisis. We might feel more isolated as we collectively work to slow the spread of the virus, but there are still opportunities to support each other through it all.—Julie Euber