There is a sign above my desk right now that says in big letters "Go Home, Ruth." It was a not-so-subtle directive from one of my colleagues here at the Nonprofit Quarterly who may have been concerned last week that I had entered an over-stimulated state that promised only diminishing returns. Too true — I confess that I was being annoying — forgetful, whiny and sorely lacking in demonstrable leadership potential.

Thank goodness there are plenty of other committed people at NPQ who can judge when we must stop, change tires and recalibrate, and then re-accelerate.

Entrepreneurial is entrepreneurial no matter what sector you're in. It's exhilarating but it can also be tension filled and exhausting to work past all kinds of barriers toward a big vision of what we want to create. So sometimes, you just have to stop — to argue and laugh and trade stories and cautionary tales with friends of integrity and humor who can give as good as they get. Anyway, that's what sparks my engine!

So, I am asking you out.

Many NPQ authors are showing up at Third Sector New England's Nonprofit Workout being held on May 16 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They'll be talking about issues they have written about in our pages. Kenny Bailey on organizational conflict, Jon Pratt on nonprofit revenue strategies, Rick Cohen on foundation accountability, Carl Sussman on adaptive capacity, Erline Belton on organizational truth-telling, Scott Harshbarger on our regulatory environment, David Renz on governance and more! I am also scheduled to do three different sessions (maybe this is why I eventually have to be told to go home). Anyway, NPQ's wonderful authors will be there along with some of the most thoughtful nonprofit peers you could ever hope to meet. Lots of people to argue and laugh with and learn from!

We would love to have you come join us! Take a moment to look at the conference program online at or send us an email at [email protected], and join us.

Hope to see you there and in the meantime, we have attached a few of the articles written by the authors mentioned above.