In the past few months, we have been investigating sexual abuse and assault among humanitarian aid workers. Here is a roundup the stories we’ve been producing with The Nonprofit Quarterly and PRI’s The World.

NGO Leaders Sign Pledge to Combat Sexual Harassment and Abuse

Amy writes in The Nonprofit Quarterly about the more than one hundred NGOs who have promised to improve how they address sexual abuse and harassment by and among their staff. But now that the pledge is signed, we explore the hard work ahead as CEOs attempt to turn their commitments into action. “This was that moment of putting us in the glass house,” says signatory Abby Maxman, president of Oxfam America.

Analyzing the Oxfam Scandal

Amy discusses the scandal surrounding the famed British charity, Oxfam, which has been under intense scrutiny ever since it was reported that one of its country directors hired prostitutes in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti:

Three-Part Series on Sexual Abuse and Harassment Among Aid Workers


PART ONE: How Big is the Problem and Why is Harassment and Abuse So Rife in the Sector?

PART TWO: The Special Risks Faced by Aid Workers of Color

PART THREE: UN Inaction and Where Do We Go From Here?