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October 14, 2019; KSNV

Nevada SPCA is the most recent shelter to turn problem cats at risk of never finding homes into employees-of-the-month at local residences, businesses, and community buildings.

Approximately 1.6 million cats are adopted from animal shelters each year, but what about the cats who are not a good fit for the domestic life and not easily adopted out? Nevada SPCA is getting creative by launching a Patrol Cat Program to find suitable homes for the cats and assist with the growing rodent problem in the Las Vegas area.

As temperatures drop, rodents seek warmth inside buildings. The presence of a cat can deter rodents and be the perfect solution for owners who provide shelter and basic necessities like food, water, and medical care as needed.

The cats are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. Adoption fees for them are waived, although they must be adopted out at least as a pair to help them settle into their new routine.

In starting the program, Nevada SPCA joins shelters across the country operating working cat programs to serve private residences, offices, warehouses, churches, farms, ranches, and more in controlling pest populations without pesticides. The programs provide opportunity for cats who did not previously have many options to find a home.

The program was started months after the organization’s entire board resigned during an investigation of possible misappropriation of funds by former Nevada SPCA president Kathlene Jung. The new board and executive director were announced last month with high hopes of improving the old shelter building, implementing best practices and identifying new ways to find homes for over 2,500 pets each year. —Julie Euber