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2018 is upon us, and FASB’s changes to nonprofit reporting are now applicable for many nonprofits. Over the course of our webinar series on the FASB reporting changes, we’ve discussed new requirements for presenting liquidity, net assets, and functional expenses, as well as a variety of new disclosures that will be required in audited financial statements going forward. In this final installment, we will recap the major provisions of the new rules, showcase key examples, and focus on practical steps for implementing the changes at your organization.

As you gear up to take on the new FASB rules, join us for guidance on how to assess your organization’s readiness and begin to take the critical next steps. We will be highlighting a new “FASB Ready” tool that can be used as a step-by-step guide to educate board members and organization leaders, work with your auditor, and ensure a smooth and timely implementation of the new reporting requirements.


Hilda H. Polanco, CPA, CCSA®,CGMA; Founder and CEO Fiscal Management Associates

Gina McDonald, CPA; Lead Consultant Fiscal Management Associates