May 26, 2011; Source: Los Angeles Times | Well, here it is. The comparison of two health care insurers in California – one nonprofit and one for-profit – shows that the nonprofit CEO is significantly more generously compensated. Blue Shield CEO, Bruce Bodaken makes a sweet $4.6 million to run an organization with 3.5 million policy holders and $10 billion in yearly revenue. His for-profit counterpart, Pam Kehaly at Anthem Blue Cross makes $800,000 if she makes her performance goals. Anthem has $11 billion in revenue and 8.2 policy holders. Blue Shield says that the comparison is unfair and that, in fact, Anthem is part of a larger network operating in 14 states. Angela Braley who runs that network, the largest insurer by enrollment in the country, makes $3.8 million plus stock options, which run to $9 million . . . As premiums continue to skyrocket.—Ruth McCambridge