May 9, 2011; Source: Christian Science Monitor | We'd love to give the very smart and creative people at the nonprofit responsible for what appears to be one of the world's smallest – and cheapest – computer "two thumbs" up for their inventiveness, not to mention their thriftiness. But because the $25 computer, which is designed with the needs of less affluent schoolchildren in mind, is said to be the size of just a single thumb, we'll give them a very big "one thumb up."

According to the Christian Science Monitor, the British nonprofit, Raspberry PI Foundation, says its new computer should be available for purchase within the next year. In describing the mini, mini computer on its website, Raspberry PI writes: "We plan to develop, manufacture, and distribute an ultra-low-cost computer, for use in teaching computer programming to children. We expect this computer to have many other applications both in the developed and the developing world. Our first product is about the size of a USB key, and is designed to plug into a TV or be combined with a touch screen for a low cost tablet. The expected price is $25 for a fully-configured system."

We're almost afraid to ask, "What will they think up next."—Bruce Trachtenberg