April 29, 2010; Source: The Honolulu Adviser | There are many cities where homeless people are subjected to enforcement sweeps that remove them from public places and public view. But, in Hawaii, many would rather live outdoors than in shelters. This article tells of a woman who uses her four homes in Hawaii to house people who are without a place of their own. As the city of Honolulu is sweeping the area of visible homeless people, Carolina Jesus is working with people “who don’t want to move into more traditional shelters at a time when it’s harder for them to remain in city parks.” Jesus provides an inn to 27 people, including one family of 5 and hopes to open a fifth house soon. She charges a low monthly fee but provides housing free if the individual can’t make the payments. Jesus founded Shelter of Wisdom five years ago and breaks even with her rental income. She dips into her savings and church donations to help residents who can’t pay.—Kristin Baralli