August 26, 2010; Source: New York Times | Are you in the market for a giant whisk? No? How about a vegetable peeler suitable for Paul Bunyon? These items and more are for sale at a New York City prop shop run by Film Biz Recycling, a nonprofit started in 2008 by Eva Radke, a former movie art department coordinator.

The shop sells practical items in practical sizes as well, donated by television and commercial productions. A shopper can find discounted prices on used dishes, glasses, kitchen utensils, lamps, throw pillows and more.

There’s a mission behind the hot finds and good deals at Radke’s shop. “I want to prove to every industry that our refuse and our leftovers and our quote-unquote garbage is worth something,” she told The Times. It is the goal of Film Biz Recycling to “see every re-useable building material, prop and, set dressing either make its way to charity or help fund the efforts of recycling the props back into other productions.

Production companies not only get a tax break for the contribution to a nonprofit, but they also avoid the disposal costs they might otherwise pay.

And if you happen to be in New York and visit the shop, keep your eyes open. It is located near Silvercup Studios where the television show “30 Rock” is filmed. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see Tracy Morgan walking down the street with a giant whisk resting on his shoulder.—Aaron Lester