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Benefits of Working at a Nonprofit
Aug 26, 2009; Huffington Post | Fran Barrett of the Community Resource Exchange in New York City notes that health care coverage is “part of the social contract that many nonprofits have made with their staff.” However, she says she hears of many nonprofits thinking about eliminating health care coverage as a benefit. Echoing Tim Delaney’s column on the NPQ webpage, Barrett points out that Prsident Obama’s notion of offering small businesses tax credits to defray the costs of health care coverage does nothing for those small businesses that are tax exempt nonprofits. Our sector has a burgeoning challenge ahead on health care, but its needs aren’t yet on the radar screens of our nation’s policymakers in the health care debate. —Rick Cohen

Demand Rises for Temporary Employees
Aug 25, 2009; Wall Street Journal | The media and the American Staffing Association (who first made this claim) pitched the increase in demand for temps as an “improvement in the overall jobs picture,” but skepticism is in order. First, it means less security for workers – temps are not entitled to the increasingly scares benefits described in the above story, and guarantee of future employment, as their name indicates, is never assured. So, “improvement” at what cost? Second, it may not even be such a boon, it could be a stabilization. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest data claims temp jobs decreased in July, and they have yet to issue a report on what ground was potentially recovered this month. —James David Morgan

El Pomar’s $1 million gift to help Colorado nonprofits through tough times
Aug 27, 2009; Colorado Springs Gazette |
Very nice to see the El Pomar Foundation put $1 million into emergency funding for safety net nonprofits in the region. But $1 million split among 115 groups reveals how many are hurting in this recession and how much needs to be done to reknit the net. The pain of the recession will be felt among nonprofits long after the recovery has “started” or even “concluded.’ —Rick Cohen


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