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March 4, 2010; Wall Street Journal | What happens when the next generation of philanthropists take over? Will the same groups be funded and to the same degree or will their interests be different than their parents or grandparents? Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Solomon, president of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies convened a group of eight philanthropists in their 20s and 30s to “discuss their current or future roles in family foundations, their philanthropic aspirations and what today’s charities could do differently for them.” According to this column, “The new crop of philanthropists is looking to do more with less. They are focusing on smaller start-up organizations and looking for ways to leverage their gifts.” Bronfman refers to the next phase of philanthropy as 3.0—not his parents’ philanthropy, described as driven by emotions nor the business-like venture philanthropy of the dot com era, but a blend between the two. The article does not mention whether Bronfman and Soloman have connected with and leveraged, at least in this convening, groups that already network young donors, such as Resource Generation, an organization aiming to empower and educate young people with wealth to participate in philanthropy and social change. We hope new young philanthropists like these two might build on the work of other new young philanthropists trying to chart a path for Philanthropy 3.0.—Kristin Barrali