November 30, 2011; Source: InventorSpotA report on the quality of nursing home care provided by nonprofit and for-profit providers has harsh implications for the for-profit part of the industry—they’re pretty lousy compared to nonprofit nursing homes. A few of the findings for the period of 2003 through 2008 paint a stark picture:

  • For-profits had 30 percent less registered nurses than nonprofits;
  • For-profits had 36 percent more “rated deficiencies” and 41 percent more “serious deficiencies”;
  • After being acquired by private equity firms, for-profit nursing homes showed even more deficiencies.

The report, done by the University of California at San Francisco, demonstrates that “nonprofit” isn’t just a tax status, and that the motivation for improving the quality of nursing care services is strongly correlated with homes’ nonprofit status.—Rick Cohen