July 19, 2016; Columbus Dispatch

Reliable volunteers can make all the difference for nonprofit organizations. Volunteers are not only cost-effective, but the different viewpoints and skillsets, energy, and intelligence they bring to an organization can help improve the nonprofit’s processes and encourage growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report “Volunteering in the United States,” the volunteer rate is right under 25 percent, with 62.6 million people volunteering for an organization at least once between September 2014 and September 2015. But when looking at volunteering by age, those least likely to volunteer fall into the millennial category, aged 20–34.

In studying how Millennials participate in giving, the Millennial Impact Report found that while Millennials are considered the most generous generation, the ways they give stray from tradition. For instance, most Millennials do not participate in workplace giving or volunteering, but rather are influenced by their peers to give both time and money. Moreover, 75 percent of millennials indicate “they’re mor