November 21, 2011; Source: Mercury News (Associated Press)NPQ is always impressed by the tasks that nonprofits take on. For instance, in L.A., the Stray Cat Alliance has a mind-boggling task ahead of them as they try to address the huge and getting huger stray cat population in south L.A. Specifically, it is estimated that 12,000 feral cats inhabit the area. When any of these come in contact with the city’s animal control services they are generally euthanized, so the Alliance has obtained a private grant to capture and spay or neuter 7,000 of them. Once this is done they will be returned to the area—less likely to fight and unable to reproduce. The Alliance says that this will result in lowering the population of cats while making their lives—and presumably those of the people who live in the area—happier.—Ruth McCambridge