May 22, 2011; Source: | This You Tube video has to be one of the best little films we've seen produced by a nonprofit in a long time.

NPQ reported last week that Reel Grrls, a small nonprofit that provides film and video opportunities to young women, had their funding pulled and then restored by Comcast last week when they tweeted about the fact that a former FCC Commissioner who had voted on the Comcast/NBC Universal merger had taken a job as a lobbyist for Comcast –brazenly walking through that revolving door between regulating agencies and regulated corporation.

Reel Grrl’s obvious unwillingness to be bowed by threats (they publicized the Comcast email that promised a withdrawal of their grant) has apparently brought them donations from all over the world and they are, themselves, now reconsidering Comcast’s relationship with them.

Way to stand up Grrls! Great humor and seriousness all in the same strong piece.—Ruth McCambridge