As we get ready to go to the polls, many national issues may be on our minds — health care and the cost of prescriptions, the quality of public schools and cost of secondary schools, the rising deficit, the loss of jobs, the potential loss of social security, rising levels of poverty and increasing gaps between the rich and middle class — not to mention the poor — in this country. Possibly even more disturbing to our future health as a nation is the enormous wealth gap between whites and Hispanics and blacks that has only increased during our nation's "recovery" from the last recession (see New York Times article in the resources section below).

This is the important context in which we all work and a good deal of this context is driven, or at least supported, by our tax policies — a good portion of our system of national priorities is reflected there.

So in celebration of our collective commitment to vote and to help get out the vote, I am sending along an article on the importance of paying attention to tax policy written by the famed Kim Klein.

Kim is publisher of our sister publication, The Grassroots Fundraising Journal and is well known as the national expert in fundraising training. Still, it is her opinion that we can expertly fundraise till the cows come home and still lose ground for our constituents by ignoring tax policy.

We share this belief so we have committed to including a regular column on tax activism in the Nonprofit Quarterly over the next year. One more reason for you who are not now subscribers of the print journal to make that move and subscribe for goodness sake! We will be collaborating with United for a Fair Economy to bring you this series.

We have also attached an article on nonprofits and voting.

Time is short, we know, but don't do less than all you can to make this election fair and broad-based. As always, we welcome your feedback on these topics.