How is racial injustice related to economic unfreedom? To address this question and many others, three organizational leaders share their experiences and challenge viewers to rethink the causes and effects of inequality—touching on a range of themes including corporate power, prisons and policing, media advocacy, and more.

The panelists who participated in this wide-ranging conversation are:

  • Maximillian Alvarez, who is Editor-in-Chief at The Real News Network in Baltimore and the host of Working People, “a podcast about the lives, jobs, dreams, and struggles of the working class today.”
  • Saqib Bhatti and Bree Carlson, who are Co-Directors of the Action Center on Race & the Economy, an organization that drives political and policy campaigns that fight for structural change by taking on the financial institutions and anti-democratic actors that are responsible for pillaging communities of color and poor families, subverting voting rights, and destroying our environment.

Among the many questions explored in this webinar are the following:

  • What is the relationship between racial justice and economic unfreedom, both historically and in our present moment?
  • How do corporations profit from structural racism?
  • What are concrete action steps that people can take to advance an equal society?
  • How can nonprofits and media organizations leverage their own power to promote structural change?
  • How do we both expose social injustices and create compelling narratives for social movements?