August 18, 2015; CBS Boston

NPQ has been covering the unfolding and unmaking of the unpopular bid to hold the summer Olympic Games of 2024 in Boston. Now, weeks after the bid was withdrawn, a newly released, state-funded report indicates that the nonprofit Boston 2024 underestimated several costs related to hosting the events. This was a major concern of those opposing the bid.

In its 192-page report, consulting firm The Brattle Group intimates the organizers had underestimated as much as $970 million in construction and operational costs. While the report was initiated before organizers and the city of Boston pulled the bid, its original task—to assess the potential risks and impact on the city—still provides an interesting look behind the scenes of the bid.

Boston 2024 pitched the idea of hosting the Olympic games as a privately funded endeavor with long-lasting financ