As nonprofit leaders, activists, and funders, we are in uncharted waters. Even as we deal with how COVID-19 is impacting our own families and loved ones, we are called to contribute to a larger response: the response of our organizations, our movements, and of civil society at large.

At NPQ, we believe that how we shape our responses to COVID-19 has far greater implications than the successful containment of this particular and terrifying public health crisis, or even the survival of our individual institutions, though obviously both are critical. We know that public health is interconnected with every aspect of our society from access to health care, to financial security, to climate change. And, most fundamentally, to racial justice and the state of our democracy itself.

On Tuesday, March 24thNPQ assembled a panel of four thoughtful, provocative leaders to inspire your thinking and stretch your imagination about how to frame the COVID-19 crisis and craft responses to it that are consistent with your organizational, network, and movement values.


  • Ruth McCambridge, Editor-in-Chief, Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Rashad Robinson, Executive Director, Color of Change
  • Ted Bilich, Founder & CEO, Risk Alternatives
  • Crystal Hayling, Executive Director, The Libra Foundation


Jeanne Bell, Director, Advancing Practice, Nonprofit Quarterly


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